During the late 1970s and early 1980s I was a regular contributor to the popular music paper, Roadrunner. I photographed most of the international stars who performed in Adelaide at that time, along with many interstate artists. I also got to work with many local Adelaide acts over the years. I met some great, talented people and made long-term friendships. My photographs were used for band publicity, record covers and publications such as Roadrunner, Tim Kelton’s book Underground In The City Of Churches (WAV Publications, 1986) and many were used in Todwinna Moore’s terrific documentary film, Rock In A Hard Place. An anthology of RoadrunnerThe Big Beat, published in 2019, contains many of these images and I have produced a book of photographs from the Roadrunner period and beyond, Rock’n’Roll City 1978-1983 The Roadrunner Years, and is available, along with prints, for purchase here.

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